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Investor Relationship Team

Eden Hall Global Capital Co., Ltd   as a consulting company   headquarter located in Hong Kong.   We operate globally via our association of dedicated partners in Canada, England, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

We aim to build long-term relationships with the small and medium-sized private enterprise clients that engage in our services in China, helping them achieve business successes by offering a diverse range of professional financial services – We are part of their team. This is   our business mission of Eden Hall Global Capital Co., Ltd.

The financial services we provide to our customers include:

>An international standard financial review;

  > Undertaking Due diligence;

   > Preparing Listing Corporation financial reports and other required documentations;

   > Providing training   or consulting for Listing overseas;

   > Liaising with various investor relation representatives after the listing ;

   > Co-operating closely with other professionals, e.g. lawyers, auditors, trading   agents, market makers and other cooperate partners.

Eden Hall Global Capital Co., Ltd

Tel: 86-135.1001.6379.